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Annual On-Property Sale
~ Friday 12th October 2018 ~
(Always 2nd Friday of Oct)
512 Stokes Bay Road
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

~ 200 White Suffolk Rams ~
~ 40 Maternal Rams ~
~ Both above - 1pm Start ~
~ 44 Poll Merino Rams ~
~ Poll Merinos - 4pm Start ~
~ Inspection from 11am ~
~ Live on AuctionsPlus
~ Lamb Pies Provided ~

Annual On-Property Sale
~Friday 12th October 2018
(Always 2nd Friday of Oct)

512 Stokes Bay Road
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

~200 White Suffolk Rams~
~40 Maternal Rams~
~Above 1.00pm Start~
~44 Poll Merino Rams~
~Poll Merinos 4.00pm Start~
~Inspection from 11am~
~Live on AuctionsPlus~

~Lamb Pies Provided~

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** Lambplan Figures for 2018 Sale Rams **

Figures for 2018 Maternal Sale Rams

Ella Matta White Suffolk Genetic Trends Compared to Other Studs

Lambplan Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV's) are an estimate of an animal’s true breeding value based on pedigree and performance recorded information. They are essentially a projection of how that animals progeny will perform for a range of traits. This is more effective than raw data as it accounts for environmental (i.e. feed, management, seasonal) effects.

Lambplan ASBV Definitions (Traits)

The below comments in relation to breeding objectives should only be used as a guide. Ram buyers should understand their individual markets/breeding aims and select accordingly.

Birth Weight (kg) BWT

Estimates the genetic difference between animals in weight at birth. In terminal (White Suffolk) sires the lower the better as this decreases the chance of having lambing issues. But extremely low can also be a problem (more so in non-terminal breeds).

Birth Weight Lamb Ella Matta

Weaning Weight (kg) WWT

Estimates the genetic difference between animals in live-weight at 100 days of age. The higher the better.

Post Weaning Weight (kg) PWWT

Estimates the genetic difference between animals in live-weight at 225 days of age. The higher the better.

Maternal Weaning Weight (kg) MWWT

Estimates the genetic difference between the animals daughters weaning weights and their potential to provide milk and a better maternal environment. The higher the better.

Post Weaning Fat Depth (mm) PFAT

Estimates the genetic difference in GR fat depth at 45kg live-weight Desired level depends on breeding aims. Should not be extreme either way.

Post Weaning Eye Muscle Depth (mm) PEMD

Estimates the genetic difference in eye muscle depth at the C site in a 45kg live-weight animal. The higher the better.

Worm Egg Count (%) WEC

Value of an animals genes for carrying worm burdens – a combination of being genetically less likely to pick up worms & being able to cope immunologically with the worm burden. The lower the better.

Yearling WEC: YWEC

Estimates the genetic difference in worm burden at 360 days of age. The lower the better.

Number of Lambs Weaned (%) NLW

Estimates the genetic difference between animals for number of lambs weaned at each lambing opportunity. This not only accounts for fertility, but also survivability. The higher the better.

Number of lambs Ella Matta

Lambing Ease Direct (%) LE DIR

Describes how easily a sire’s lambs will be born, with a positive number preferred. LE DAU is how easily the sires daughters lambs will be born. The higher the better for both.

Twin Lambs Ella Matta


Lambplan Index Options

Carcase Plus Index (CAR +)

The Carcase Plus index is a desired gains index promoting animals with high growth and muscle, while maintaining carcase leanness. This index identifies high growth animals by the traits for Weaning Weight and Post Weaning Weight and also aims to recognise carcase traits by rewarding for increased Eye Muscle Depth. It also puts a small emphasis on Fat Depth to maintain a level of leanness. The higher the better.

Ellamatta Carcass Plus Genetic Trend
Ella Matta LEQ Average Compared to Other Studs
(year indicates year of birth)


The Lamb 2020 index has a similar weighting and aims for growth, muscle and fat as the carcase plus index however it also incorporates the traits for birth weight and worm egg count. The aim being to moderate birth weight and increase worm resistance. The higher the better.

LEQ Index

The Lamb 2020 Eating Quality index is targeted at terminal producers interested in improving the meat eating quality of their prime lambs while continuing to improve production traits in a balanced way. The LEQ index is similar to the EQ index however is based on the same production targets as Lamb 2020 where birthweight (BWT) and worm egg count (WEC) are important in the breeding objective. The greater emphasis on WEC is the main difference between LEQ and EQ. The graph below represents the predicted economic gains for each trait of interest in the index and also expresses the expected 10 year gains for the individual traits.

MCP+ Index

The Maternal Carcase Production + (MCP+) index targets self-replacing production systems where maintaining adult weight and fleece weights are seen as important at the same time as improving carcase traits. A slight increase in clean fleece weight is expected. This index aims to reduce WEC as it is assumed in the index most enterprises are located in high rainfall areas and/or high input management systems. The contribution of each trait to economic gain is expressed in the graph along with the predicted genetic gain over 10 years.

Please note: all definitions were sourced from Sheep Genetics Australia

Other Abbreviations Used By Ella Matta

D.O.B – Date of Birth

RT – Rearing Type recorded as follows: (S) Single (TW) Twin (TRP) Triplets

(AI) - Progeny from Artificial Insemination Program

(ET) - Progeny from Embryo Transplant Program

(N) - Naturally mated progeny


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Ella Matta White Suffolk Genetic Trends Compared to Other Studs

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