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Annual On-Property Sale
~ Friday 12th October 2018 ~
(Always 2nd Friday of Oct)
512 Stokes Bay Road
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

~ 200 White Suffolk Rams ~
~ 40 Maternal Rams ~
~ Both above - 1pm Start ~
~ 44 Poll Merino Rams ~
~ Poll Merinos - 4pm Start ~
~ Inspection from 11am ~
~ Live on AuctionsPlus
~ Lamb Pies Provided ~

Annual On-Property Sale
~Friday 12th October 2018
(Always 2nd Friday of Oct)

512 Stokes Bay Road
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

~200 White Suffolk Rams~
~40 Maternal Rams~
~Above 1.00pm Start~
~44 Poll Merino Rams~
~Poll Merinos 4.00pm Start~
~Inspection from 11am~
~Live on AuctionsPlus~

~Lamb Pies Provided~

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2017 Ram Sale Report

Ella Matta surges to $16,000 record high


                   2017           2016 

White Suffolks

Offered     199             183 

Sold           186             183 

Top             $16,000     $3400 

Av               $1465        $1253 

Maternal composites

Offered     40                27 

Sold           36                27

Top             $2200         $2000 

Av               $1153         $1311

Poll Merinos

Offered     44                36

Sold           44                31

Top             $4800         $1800

Av               $1682         $990

THERE was reason for the Heinrich family to celebrate after their annual on-property three breed ram sale on Kangaroo Island on Friday, with 266 rams clearing to a record Ella Matta high of $16,000 and achieving an overall average of $1459. 

That was a 10 per cent increase in numbers sold, a huge lift of $12,600 in top price and a 31pc increase in the sale gross on last year’s top result.

The family’s White Suffolk, Poll Merino and Maternal composite offering attracted more than 50 local buyers, but also several mainlanders from three states, plus more on the AuctionsPlus network, which was used for the first time at this sale.

The ultimate highlight occurred at the very beginning of the sale when the lot 1 White Suffolk ram started on an opening bid of $3000.

A three-way duel between two WA bidders on the phone, plus a strong bidder on AuctionsPlus, ensured the record price.

Paul Goerling, Lukin Springs White Suffolk and Poll Merino studs, Boyup Brook, WA, was the lucky bidder, attracted to the ram for its structural excellence and balance, supported by extreme performance and Lamb Eating Quality figures.

It had a birthweight EBV of 0.35, weaning weight of 12.6, a huge 20.1 for post-weaning weight, -0.5 for Pfat, eye muscle of 2.2, PW egg count of -35.4 culminating in a Carcase Plus Index of 226.2, Lamb2020 Index of 118.4 and a LEQ Index of 155.8.

Mr Goerling outbid Damien and Ryan Smart, Smartgroup, Keith, who have paid the top price at Ella Matta on previous occasions.

They successfully bid to $4600 for the next ram, EM 160462, then $5600 for EM 160024 at lot 11, both having elite performance levels with C+ indices of 222.8 and 221.5 respectively.

The Trewick family, Pepperton stud, Elmore, Vic, picked up their second choice ram, EM 160026 AI for just $2800. With a Pwwt of 189.7, C+ index of 227.5 and LEQ of 147.5 this very long ram was not far behind the record breaker.

KI Locals Simon and Sue Lovering, Kingscote, paid $3200 to purchase EM 160456 for their ram breeding flock, while Warren Thompson, Hedingham stud, Wickepin, WA, paid $2000 to purchase EM 160037, having been underbidder on the Smart’s $5600 purchase.

These six rams going to stud duties averaged $5700, a significant boost in stud demand for Ella Matta.

From there on it was the local lamb producers who mostly battled it out for the remaining 180 White Suffolks that sold, with a little competition along the way from two mainland bidders on AuctionsPlus. 

These still sold to $3600 paid by client Sam Mumford, a long-term admirer of the profit making genetics supplied by Ella Matta. He was again the most prominent bidder in the first half of the catalogue with 11 rams at a $1764 average.

Lachlan Bell, ‘Bella Vista’, Kingscote was the biggest volume buyer with 17 rams, averaging $894, operating strongly in the last half of the draft. 

Bill Buttrose was strong in the middle ground of the sale, purchasing 10 at a $1210 average, while Alan Thomas, American River, also purchased 10 at a $1020 average. 

Total Livestock with seven at a $1486 average and Gregor Farming with seven at a $1371 average were also very strong bidders early in the drafts. 

Forty Maternal composites were offered next – 13 more than the previous year. Thirty six found new homes, but by satisfying demand, the average on this line fell.

DM Correll, Gosse, bought eight to $900, averaging $775, to be the biggest volume buyer, while Peter and Katrina Lovering, Kingscote, operated at the top end, purchasing seven to $1800 and at a $1300 average.

Paul Bott, Landmark, averaged $1017 for six composites for Bott KI Farming, but it was SJ Childs with six rams at an $1183 average who went to the top composite bid of $2200. 

The 36 that sold averaged $1153.

 Pictured with the $4800 top priced Poll Merino ram at Ella Matta are Bill Walker, Classings Ltd, who purchased it for Alan Stewart, Stockton stud, Bairnsdale, Vic, and Jamie, Tracie and Andrew Heinrich, Ella Matta.

The sale concluded with the offering of 44 Poll Merinos, these producing an excellent result and significant improvement from last year. Special emphasis has been placed on white bright wools that can handle the wet KI winters, plus worm resistance.

All 44 sold to a top of $4800, up $3000 on last year and averaged $1682, up $692. 

The top ram, EM 160061 was AI bred from Leahcim 123153 and was top 10pc under the Merino Select for yearling staple length at 16, eye muscle at 1.8 and Dual Purpose + index of 161.4. 

It was purchased by Bill Walker, Classings Ltd, Murray Bridge. on behalf of Alan Stewart, Stockton stud, through Landmark Bairnsdale, Vic.

Underbidder was Glen Tilley, Hillcott Grove Props, Kapunda, who made the trip over to the Island. 

He was successful in purchasing four of the others to a $3400 top and averaged $2800. 

The most dominant buyer was Simon Kelly, Mine Creek Partners, who bid to $2000 in purchasing 14 of this draft at a $1407 average.

Paul McGorman, Thornby Pty Ltd, was also prominent, purchasing seven to $1800 and at a $1657 average. 

He also purchased eight White Suffolks at a $1688 average; the combined 15 rams averaging $1673. 

Peter Cooper, Cooper Farming, was also a multiple breed purchaser of note with four Poll Merinos at a $1450 average and eight White Suffolks averaging $988; while Mitch Willson, Willson River Trading, purchased four Poll Merinos at $1700 average and five White Suffolks at $1800 average.

The sale was conducted by Landmark and Elders.

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                                  – IAN TURNER