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Annual On-Property Sale
~ Friday 12th October 2018 ~
(Always 2nd Friday of Oct)
512 Stokes Bay Road
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

~ 200 White Suffolk Rams ~
~ 40 Maternal Rams ~
~ Both above - 1pm Start ~
~ 44 Poll Merino Rams ~
~ Poll Merinos - 4pm Start ~
~ Inspection from 11am ~
~ Live on AuctionsPlus
~ Lamb Pies Provided ~

Annual On-Property Sale
~Friday 12th October 2018
(Always 2nd Friday of Oct)

512 Stokes Bay Road
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

~200 White Suffolk Rams~
~40 Maternal Rams~
~Above 1.00pm Start~
~44 Poll Merino Rams~
~Poll Merinos 4.00pm Start~
~Inspection from 11am~
~Live on AuctionsPlus~
~Lamb Pies Provided~

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White Suffolk Stud

** Lambplan Figures for 2018 Sale Rams **

Figures for 2018 Maternal Sale Rams

2018 AuctionsPlus Link

Ellamatta Carcass Plus Genetic Trend
Ella Matta LEQ Index Average Compared to Other Studs
(year indicates year of birth)

Ella Matta was the first registered White Suffolk stud in Australia (and the World!). Back in 1979 we were looking to innovate and increase prime lamb productivity and overall profits. Today we still maintain the same aim and again through innovation and the use of the latest available technologies we hope to breed rams that continue to maximise our clients profit.

This is done by having the highest quality Lambplan figures with an emphasis on:

We continue to put our stud through a thorough visual selection process to confirm that our rams are well structured durable animals.

Animal Health

To ensure that we maintain our disease free status we have kept a closed flock since 1999 with new genetics only being obtained through (frozen semen) artificial insemination. All rams are OJD MN3 vaccinated, Brucellosis Accredited, vaccinated for Scabby Mouth and with 6 in 1.

Worm Resistance

One of our main breeding aims at Ella Matta is for worm resistant sheep. We have been taking individual faecal samples from all stud lambs since 2001 with an aim to minimise drenching. Subsequently our flock is becoming increasingly more genetically resistant to worms.

Genomics DNA Testing

Eating quality is also an area in which we are beginning to investigate. Our most recent endeavours have seen us using genomics and DNA testing coupled with embryo transplants and artificial insemination, pushing us forward to produce the rams of the future.

Bred For The Real World

Our sheep are run in as close to commercial conditions as possible, and selected accordingly (i.e. rams not kept/hand fed in sheds, and ewes lamb in the paddock). To breed sheep that not only survive but thrive in commercial conditions, they need to be bred and recorded in commercial conditions!

Quality Rams Guaranteed

We are very strong on customer satisfaction and guarantee our rams. We believe that our rams are of the highest quality and speak for themselves.

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Lambplan Figures for 2018 Sale Rams

2018 AuctionsPlus Link

Ella Matta White Suffolk Genetic Trends Compared to Other Studs

Understanding the Figures: Lambplan

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