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White Suffolk, Maternal & Poll Merino Stud

Annual On Property Ram Sale:
Thursday 26th October 2023

Our Rams
Industry Leading Sheep Genetics
Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies in genetics (and sheep breeding as a whole), we do the endless hours of research and recording so that you have the peace of mind that you are using rams at the forefront of the industry.

White Suffolks

Ella Matta was the first registered White Suffolk stud in Australia (and the World!). Back in 1979 we were looking to innovate and increase prime lamb productivity and overall profits. Today we still maintain the same aim.

We do this by having the highest quality Lambplan figures with an emphasis on:

  • Growth

  • Muscle

  • Fat

  • Lambing ease

  • Worm resistance

  • Eating Quality

On top of this we maintain a strong emphasis on visual selection, e.g. structure.

For more info on our White Suffolks please click here

Poll Merinos

Our Poll Merino ram breeding program started in the early 90's and has used a range of bloodlines in pursuit of the best possible genetics. Since 2002 our flock has been fully measured with complete pedigrees recorded on MerinoSelect. We aim for the right balance between visual selection and performance recording.

Our main aims/achievements are to:

  • Increase fleece weight

  • Improve carcase traits (growth, fat & muscle)

  • Maintain a low micron (approx. 18)

  • Plain bodied and wrinkle free sheep

  • Breed worm resistant sheep


Other aims/achievements include:

  • Bright white crimped wool

  • Dermatitis and fleece rot resistant

  • Good type and structure

  • Good mothers and number of lambs weaned

  • Sheep that perform in all conditions (wet or dry)

For more info on our Poll Merinos please click here

Maternal Composites

Our Maternal Composite flock started in 2014 with the aim of breeding a self-replacing maternal sheep that pumps out a high percentage of fast growing, meaty lambs. These are benchmarked on the maternal Lambplan database. Their focus is:

  • Muscle

  • Growth

  • Good Mothers

  • High Quality Consistent Skins

  • Large Weaning Percentages

  • Worm Resistance

  • Maintained or Lowered Ewe Size

For more info on our Maternal Composites click here

Ella Matta 2023 Ram Sale
Ella Matta 2023 Ram Sale
26 Oct 2023, 1:00 pm ACDT
512 Stokes Bay Rd
- White Suffolks Start at 1pm - Maternal Composites Follow Straight After - Poll Merinos to Start at 4pm - Lamb Pies Provided - Full sale on AuctionsPlus - Inspection from 11am

Please feel free to contact us at Ella Matta

512 Stokes Bay Rd, Duncan SA 5223, Australia

Office: 0427 596 107

Andrew (Aphid) Heinrich: 0427 596 108

Jamie Heinrich: 0427 361 830

Tracie Heinrich: 0427 596 107

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