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The first registered White Suffolk stud in the world!

Annual On Property Ram Sale:
Thursday 26th October 2023

Breeding Objectives

Ella Matta aims to breed White Suffolk rams that maximise our clients profit. This is achieved by having the highest quality Lambplan figures and focusing on traits that increase productivity. We also keep ease of care in mind and put our stud through a thorough visual selection process to confirm that they are well structured, durable animals.

Our key breeding objectives are:

  • Growth (WWT & PWT)

  • Muscle (PEMD & LMY)

  • Fat (PFAT)

  • Lambing ease (LE_DIR & BWT)

  • Worm resistance (PWEC)

  • Eating Quality (IMF & SHRF5)

We consistently benchmark as industry leaders on Lambplan in Australia across all terminal breeds for all of these traits, except fat and birth weights that we maintain at an appropriate level (not too extreme either way).

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Animal Health

To ensure that our flock remains at as low of a disease risk as possible we have kept a closed flock since 1999 with new genetics only being obtained through (frozen semen) artificial insemination. 


All rams are:

  • Brucellosis Accredited (856)

  • Accredited Vaccinated for OJD (Since 2002)

  • Vaccinated for Scabby Mouth

  • Vaccinated with with 6 in 1

  • Drenched before the sale

  • Cobalt and Selenium Bulleted

Semen Available

Please contact us regarding any Ella Matta ram you may be interested in purchasing frozen semen from. What is available changes, so best to give us a call or email.

Link to some rams available: 

Ella Matta Semen Sires

Worm Resistance

One of our main breeding aims at Ella Matta is for worm resistant sheep. We have been taking individual faecal samples from all stud ram lambs since 2001 with an aim to minimise drenching. Subsequently our flock is becoming increasingly more genetically resistant to worms.

Sheep Genomics & DNA Testing

At the end of the day, we need to produce a final product that the end consumer wants and is willing to pay for. For this reason we have been investing heavily in breeding animals with better eating quality. We do this through using genomics and DNA testing coupled with embryo transfer and artificial insemination, pushing us forward to produce the rams of the future.

We also use genomics to test for genetic diseases, and to give us more accurate breeding values. 

Sheep Bred For The Real World

Our sheep are run in as close to commercial conditions as possible, and selected accordingly (i.e. rams not kept/hand fed in sheds, and ewes lamb in the paddock). To breed sheep that not only survive but thrive in commercial conditions, they need to be bred and recorded in commercial conditions!

Recording At Birth 

We mother up, weigh, tag and record any lambing trouble or lamb losses in the paddock. Not many studs in Australia go to this level of effort, but this data is invaluable for us to breed sheep that have more lambs, with minimal assistance at birth. Essentially giving us much more accurate and valuable reproductive breeding values.

Quality Rams Guaranteed 

We are very strong on client satisfaction and guarantee our rams. We believe that our rams are of the highest quality and speak for themselves.

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